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Layne Haley Whitehouse is a self employed badass.  Starting in photography as a hobby until it became her full time career. Over the years, while the camera stays important, Layne's career path has branched. She is a fun loving, multi passionate gal. This gives her an opportunity to engage with everyone and promote events in Kansas City while still being able to stay home with her two most important (and demanding) clients yet- her twin girls.    

She has worked with many high profile companies and organizations doing everything from photography, marketing, event planning to race directing. Layne is a true jack of all trades. Bringing the same level of enthusiasm, passion and skill to each and every project she has a hand in. If you’re ready to throw a successful event, capture those ever precious moments in your life or hit your own personal goals- you need to add Layne to your team. Hire her.


Contact Me

Layne Haley Whitehouse: Photographer, Personal Trainer, Marketing Expert and Event Planner.

Coffee. If we start there, I think we can get to the bottom of this. I'm a personal trainer, race director, Marketer, photographer, and event planner. 

After coffee, I'd like some Chipotle. 

If you're in need of someone to help organize your event, Capture those special moments or help get the word out, please reach out. 

I'll finish the day with a beer, or maybe a glass of wine if I'm feeling particularly classy.

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